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When you have cold feet, get your blanket with "feet pocket" and keep your toes warm and toasty!

Dedication Blessing Blankets

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Who We Are!

Toasty Toes Blankets and Carstill Wagon Publishing

We are companies that value education and comfort and we are a perfect match to produce the best products.

We are community conscious

It is important to our customers and readers to educate our children beginning from birth. Our "Mr. Mouse" is the driving force for our books which concentrate on responsibility, respectability and being kind.

Because We Care!

You are a valuable customer, reader and we want to make sure that we present you with the best product. Note: Toasty Toes Blankets are handmade in the USA. Carstill Wagon publishes in the USA.

Baby Shower Information

Community Give Back

Seeing and hearing a child cry because they are scared of violence brings tears to ones eyes. Help bring a smile to a mother as she receives new baby items for her baby. Carstill Wagon Publishing and Toasty Toes Blankets ETC are this year's sponsors. Motto: Give Back!

Feed Back

Many comments have been made by women who were helped by First Step at our baby showers. This is an opportunity for questions to be asked and answered without fear or violence.

Toasty Toes Blankets ETC deal!

For each blanket that is purchased (adult or children blanket) from Toasty Toes Blankets ETC, one baby blanket will be given to shower. This is a win for First Step and for YOU! http://carstillwagonpublishing.com for other baby items you may give.

Share the big news with your Friends

You can be joined by your friends and family and combine your contribution for the Baby Shower. The needs are great and we appreciate your help.

This Event is Free

Women 18 and up are invited to attend this event. Ms Hilary Hitte from First Step will be our speaker. She will answer your questions that you may have.